FOJ Quarterly Talk



Holcombe Room

​Thursday, May 23


Bob King

​Trout Unlimited

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  • Individual Membership     $20
  • Student Member   $10
  • Family Membership       $30.
  • Eastatoe    $100
  • Toxaway     $250
  • Horsepasture    $500
  • Thompson     $1000
  • Whitewater     $2500

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Serve as a volunteer organization to preserve, protect and promote natural and cultural resources of the Jocassee area and the recreational opportunities it provides.  Our mission is exclusively non-profit,charitable,educational and environmental.

Our Mission

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  • Swim or Scuba Dive
  • Boat or Fish
  • Enjoy Wildflowers or Love the Outdoors
  • Like to Camp,Hike or Backpack
  • Canoe, Kayak or SUP




May 23, 2019 FOJ Quarterly Talk

     10:00 AM@DFSP -Bob King     

        Trout Unlimited

Sept 14, 2019 VIP Day 9-noon

Oct 5, 2019 Paddle splash

                 Canoe, Kayak, SUP race

Oct 17, 2019 FOJ Annual Meeting

                             Details TBA